About Us

Do you love books as much as wine, coffee and chocolate? Of course you do! You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Welcome to Enjoyable Books!

The Ghost of Enjoyable Books Past

Our story begins in July of 2012 when our CEO Mayur Gudka answered an Ad posted on Craigslist. Author Leo J. Maloney was looking for someone to help him with online promotion for his upcoming book Silent Assassin. Mayur picked up the phone and called Leo! Leo answered! They decided to meet in person later that evening. And they have been working together since. Their latest collaboration was the successful execution of Mission K9 Rescue Tribute Gala featuring Thriller / Mystery Authors in November of 2015.

Through Leo, Mayur was introduced to a world of authors, books and their dire need of marketing. The business of books along with the world of marketing was changing at record speed and authors were torn between spending time writing and marketing. Recognizing this need was the seed that has now blossomed into what Enjoyable Books is today!

The Ghost of Enjoyable Books Present

Within a very short period Enjoyable Books has grown from an idea into a platform that empowers authors and readers alike. Ours is a two-fold mission.

  1. To promote the value of reading quality material.
  2. To help authors connect with their intended audience.

We are also in process of building our very own author database. Through this database, we will provide exposure to books and authors that deserve to be read and known which otherwise would simply be lost due to lackluster marketing.

In addition to the author database, we have a growing online community on various different channels.

The Ghost of Enjoyable Books Future

In the near future, we will be launching a video channel as well as a Enjoyable Books Podcast. More details to be posted very soon.

We also see ourselves collaborating with organizations with similar objectives as ours and promoting literacy and love of reading worldwide.

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