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Disclaimer: We only accept 21 Books under each category per quarter. This limitation allows us to promote each book in a high-quality manner.

Currently we are accepting books for July-September quarter and October-December quarter.

For each book we accept, here’s what we do:

  • Post your book cover under a category specified by you, and link it to your book page.
  • Keep the book cover up for 90-days.
  • Promote it regularly on our social media pages with tens of thousands of followers.
  • Pay for social media promotion so your book gets farther reach and increased visibility.
  • Include it in our email newsletter.

Advertising is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Click on the Paypal button below and sign-up. (It’s only $399. Nope! ONLY $99 (A WHOPPING 75% DISCOUNT) to reach tens of thousands of readers.)
  2. Email us at with the following:
    1. Your book cover
    2. Category you want your book listed under
    3. Link you want attached to your book cover
    4. Quarter for which you want your book listed. Options are:
      1. January-March
      2. April to June
      3. July to September
      4. October to December
    5. Call the subject line of the email: Book Ad Submission
  3. Watch your sales increase.

Have you ever wondered why some authors barely sell 10 books while others sell 100’s of 1000’s?

The difference is in the activities they do on a daily basis.

Authors who sell massive amounts of books do something everyday to promote their books to new audiences. It could be as simple as talking to the person ahead of you in Starbucks, doing a presentation at a library, getting your book on Enjoyable Books or attending an author expo. The size of your action does not matter as much as the consistency of it does.

Marketing is not about doing something gigantic once. It’s about shooting little shots every, single day. – Mayur Gudka

This right here, is your opportunity to do something today towards promoting your book.

With competitive rates, growing network of authors and readers and our distinctive marketing approach, you cannot go wrong. Click the button below to being your advertising process.

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