Writer’s Club

Every conference I’ve been to, writers have told me they love mingling with other writers, sharing ideas, and getting insights from fellow writers.

So, I thought why not start a club for writers in the Enjoyable Books family? A place for them to mingle, share ideas, ask for suggestions, learn about the newest tool, technology or marketing strategies, and so much more.

Hence, the birth of Writer’s Club.

I also know first hand, how difficult it can be to sell books. Over the years, I’ve helped authors sell over a million books, so I know it’s not an easy task. Finances are a challenge for many authors. Keeping that in mind, we’ve priced the Writer’s club at merely $2 / month.

Bottom line … Writer’s club is a community of writers helping writers, so we can all grow together.

I hope the $2 doesn’t deter you from joining us. We’re a wild bunch whose minds often overflow with amazing ideas, and hearts full of gold simply to wanting share those crazy ideas.

– Mayur Gudka

As a Writer’s Club member you get

  1. Access to Writer’s Club Community
  2. Monthly educational webinars.
  3. Access to Zoom events

Joining Writer’s Club is easy

  1. Subscribe to Writer’s Club – ONLY $2/month
  2. Request Access to Writer’s Club Facebook Group

Note: Access to Facebook Group will be pending until your membership is approved.

To Cancel your Membership

Simply send an email to club@enjoyablebooks.com with your cancellation request, and we’ll cancel it for you. No questions asked.

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