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I found Enjoyable Books through scrolling on Instagram. When you are always looking for extra promotion, what better way than an online forum. My experience in working with Enjoyable Books has been positive, and I am seeing more traffic than usual going to my page. My sales have increased at least 3% this month, so that’s great for being a first-time author. “

Freddie Floyd, Jr. (Author of You Are Designed To Be Successful)

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Fiction Categories

Action & Adventure Fiction
Ancient & Medieval Literature
Black & African American Literature
British & Irish Literature & Fiction
Contemporary Literature & Fiction
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Short Stories & Anthologies
American Literature
Women’s Literature & Fiction
World Literature

Mystery Categories

Amateur Sleuths
Cozy Mysteries
Hard-Boiled Mysteries
Historical Mysteries
International Mysteries & Crime
Police Procedural
Private Investigator Mysteries
Supernatural Mysteries
Traditional Detective Mysteries
Women Sleuths

Thriller Categories

Crime Thrillers
Domestic Thrillers
Financial Thrillers
Historical Thrillers
Legal Thrillers
Medical Thrillers
Military Thrillers
Psychological Thrillers
Spies & Political Thrillers
Supernatural Thrillers
Suspense Thrillers
Techno Thrillers

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