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What authors are saying

I found Enjoyable Books through scrolling on Instagram. When you are always looking for extra promotion, what better way than an online forum. My experience in working with Enjoyable Books has been positive, and I am seeing more traffic than usual going to my page. My sales have increased at least 3% this month, so that’s great for being a first-time author. “

Freddie Floyd, Jr. (Author of You Are Designed To Be Successful)

Book Advertising is Super Easy

We advertise in 90-Day blocks. Think quarterly advertising.

For each book you want advertised, Simply email the following details to (Email subject line: “Book Ad Submission”)

  1. Book Name
  2. One Category / Subcategory
  3. Quarter you want to advertise. (Currently taking adverts for Q4 of 2022)
  4. Price you want to pay

We take care of the rest such as finding your book cover, linking it to Amazon, and advertising it on our social media networks. We have a robust following of 17,000+ readers.

Once your book is uploaded on Enjoyable Books, you will be sent an email notification to ensure the book cover and category are correctly posted.

Lastly, we’ll send you an invoice.

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