Author Elizabeth Barbara Brown


Just who am I? I often wonder that. Writing for me is my passion right now. The thoughts and ideas keep coming, in the middle of the night, on a bus, in a restaurant, walking down the street. I am constantly thinking of stories. Watching people and listening to their stories has inspired many of the short stories and thoughts penned here.

I enjoy working on computers, meeting new people, experiencing new adventures, doing detailed research, and looking for ways all people share the same aspirations and cares.  I love learning about people and new things. Hearing challenging thoughts and ideas are important. None of us are always right and through listening and reading, but most of all thinking, we can learn from each other.

I have held a number of positions from school teacher to college administrator to maid to clerk in fast food to law librarian, to chaplain and the list goes on. All work that is honest is honorable. 

My degrees include: B.A. Psychology and Child Development, Masters in Adult Education, Library Science, Pastoral Ministries, Biblical Interpretation, a Doctorate in Continuing and Adult Education. Additional study in law and Chaplaincy. I have taken many other types of classes including MS Under the Hood, art, and writing.

My listing at the Illinois Center for the Book can be found at:


  • Privacy is an Illusion: A Memoir of Life Events Witnessed by T.S.
  • Buddy Waits
  • Watch Out, Wanda
  • You are Good


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