Author James Noll


James Noll has worked as a sandwich maker, a yogurt dispenser, a day care provider, a video store clerk, a day care provider (again), a summer camp counselor, a waiter, a prep. cook, a sandwich maker (again), a line cook, a security guard, a line cook (again), a waiter (again), a bartender, a librarian, and a teacher. Somewhere in there he played drums in punk rock bands, recorded several albums, and wrote dozens of short stories and a handful of novels.


Tales of the Weird

  • A Knife in the Back
  • You Will Be Safe Here
  • Burn All The Bodies
  • Mad Tales (Compendium)
  • Don’t Turn Around (Illustrated Compendium)
  • Thirteen Tales (Short Story Compilation)
  • The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead (Short Stories & Novellas)

The Bonesaw Trilogy

  • The Rabbit, The Jaguar, & The Snake
  • Blood & Gold

The Hive (Serialized Novel)

  • Seasons 1-4

Illustrated Stories

  • The Encyclop√¶dia Bizarre: A Comprehensive Compendium of Caustic Creatures, Corrupted Critters, and Colossal Curiosities

Audio Books

  • A Knife in the Back
  • Thirteen Tales
  • The Hive: Seasons 1-4
    The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead


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