Author Leo Sayles


Leo Sayles is first a Christian, husband, and father. Leo Sayles is also a coach, an author, a pastor, a teacher, and a speaker. He currently serves as the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach/ Associate Athletic Director for Sport Ministry at Grove City College in Grove City, PA.

His 17-year career as a college volleyball coach includes 8 seasons at Gardner-Webb University (NCAA Div. 1, Boiling Springs NC) and 7 seasons at Bryan College (NAIA, Dayton TN)

Leo Sayles’ coaching experience spans a 35+ year career. He has successfully coached both boys and girls teams in volleyball, track & field, soccer, and basketball at the college, high school and middle school levels.

In his 20 years as a minister, teacher, and speaker, Leo has combined sports analogies and stories to highlight biblical teaching.  These analogies are the basis for his book series, “Ordering Our Steps.”

Book 1, “Ordering Our Steps: Committing Life & Sport To Christ” was released in 2018.

His second book, “Ordering Our Steps: Focused On Christ,” was recently released.


  • Ordering Our Steps: Committing Life & Sport to Christ
  • Ordering Our Steps 2: Focused on Christ


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