Author Susan Osberg


Susan Osberg is a choreographer/dancer/writer/filmmaker and healing arts practitioner. She is director of Workwith Dancers Company, co-founder of Dance Across Borders and had a space grant and developed programs at the Dia Art Foundation in NYC for ten years. She has performed and taught internationally, and in colleges — Simon Fraser University, NYU and Bard College. Most of her language has been performed. She is currently performing Love Lies Bleeding, (her poem — Skeleton Woman based on an Inuit folk tale from Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ Women Who Run With Wolves) with vocalists Anna Dembska and Andrea Goodman from Music of a New Frequency, in Maine.  She is finishing two novels on historic women, a film called Mining the Moon, and was recently published in The Body as Language: An Anthology edited by Edwin Torres.


  • The Body in Language and Anthology, edited by Edwin Torres


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