Is Facebook helping your audience grow?

The answer is No. Facebook rarely grows your audience. It helps you maintain your existing audience. It helps you build and strengthen relationships with your existing audience. But, if you are looking to grow your audience, there are better options.

WHAT? Are you an idiot? (if that’s what you areĀ  thinking, please continue reading) … To answer your question, “No, I’m not an idiot.”

I know I’m going against everything you might have heard so far. But I can backup my comments.

Do you “Like” any businesses on Facebook? Have you done any business with them before you liked them on Facebook?

I assume your answer is in affirmative!

Have you ever liked a page on Facebook you did not know about or have not done business with them before?

No … I assume?

Well then what makes you think that a person would like your “author’s page” if they haven’t heard about you or read any of your books before? Listen, the only people who like your Facebook page are people who have bought your book before or they are your friends and family who are simply supporting you.

Facebook is a great tool to maintain and grow existing relationships! But, it’s not to begin new relationships. I suggest you use Twitter to do that.

If you can feel the wheels inside your brain turning, I’ve done my job here!

Last piece of advice … Use caution before you use any social network! Each social network has a specific job. If you are unclear on what the job of a social network is, you will waste a lot of time, money and energy and get minimal results. Hope that helps!

Until next time,

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