Amazing FREE Chapter Hack for authors to increase book sales

Some authors give away a free chapter of their book. It’s a great strategy to get the reader to buy the book if they like it. Here’s why it does not work.

I as a reader find you through a social media channel or as a recommendation from a friend. I go to your website and see that you are offering a free chapter. I download it to read it later. A couple days later when I have some time, I remember the chapter and decide to read it. I like it. I make a mental note of buying your book.

Do you know what happens to that mental note? It stays in the head majority of the times. Very rarely will it transform into a purchase of the book.

So, how can you make the lure of a free chapter work for you?

Add purchasing links at the end of your free chapter! Add a link to your website, your Amazon sales page, your Barnes & Noble sales page, and any other places you offer your book! This way, if I read your sample chapter and really enjoy it, I don’t have to make a mental note of buying your book sometime later. I have the option to buy it at the click of a button! (Tip: If your free chapter is too long, you might want to add the “buy” buttons somewhere in the middle of the chapter as well).

Your goal as an author and a salesperson of your book if to make your customer’s life easy! You want to make it very easy for me to buy your book. It’s just amazing to me that how many authors are leaving money on the table by not simplifying the sales process for their fans. Apply this one trick that I shared with you and I guarantee your book sales will multiply!

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